The Fallen Officers Fund (FOF) assists any active San Diego or Imperial County Law Enforcement Officer during times of crisis.  The charity fund helps local, state, and federal officers or their immediate family when financial assistance is needed due to death, injury, accident, or any other tragic event.  The FOF also assists the children of fallen officers by helping with the expenses related to their education.


The Fallen Officers Fund was created in May of 1998 to provide financial assistance to any local Law Enforcement Officer or their immediate family members during any traumatic event in which financial assistance would not be otherwise readily available. The dispensing of such funds has reflected a “Spirit of Benevolence and Compassion” by the San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association (SDDAIA), the Fallen Officers Fund Board of Directors, and the members of the DA’s Office who volunteer their time on the FOF Committee.

About Fallen Officers Fund

The FOF receives a portion of their operating funds from private donors, other law enforcement agency associations, and donations from the Community. FOF hosts three annual fundraising events: The FOF Breakfast, FOF Poker Night and the FOF Golf Tournament. The Fallen Officers Fund and the “Southern California Gang Conference” (SCGC) have had an exclusive partnership for years working together for the law enforcement community, with the goal of training and assisting law enforcement.  All proceeds from the training conference are given directly to the FOF charity.  The SCGC event is one of the premier law enforcement training conferences on the west coast.  SCGC was founded by SDAI Mel Sosa in 2009. For more information visit www.scgcsandiego.org.

All funds received from the above events are exclusively used to provide immediate financial assistance to our law enforcement family in times of need. Requests for such funding are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the FOF’s bylaws. Funds donated are generally used for, but not limited to; burial costs, medical bills, daycare, time off work without pay, travel expenses, or any other financial obligations.  If you would like to support FOF you can pay via credit card, PayPal, or Venmo (see above).  Checks can also be mailed to the FOF mailing address below.  See the bottom of this webpage for tax exempt charity information. Thank you all for your continued support.

New Educational Assistance Program

The Fallen Officers Fund’s newest program involves helping any surviving dependent children of local, state, or federal law enforcement officers who have died while active-duty law enforcement in San Diego or Imperial County.  These children who have suffered the unthinkable loss of losing a parent will be eligible for financial educational assistance to help with the costs of college, university, or a trade school.

Fallen Officer’s Fund
501 W. Broadway #A-295
San Diego, Ca. 92101

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From 2007 to December 2023, FOF has been fortunate to assist 160 active-duty law enforcement officers and or their immediate family members within the San Diego and Imperial Counties totaling $737,654.  Again, this could not be made possible without the generous donations from all of our FOF supporters as well as, the tireless efforts and dedication of past and current FOF Board Members, Committee Members, and Volunteers. The following is an approximate breakdown of the support FOF has provided to our law enforcement families since 2007:


California Dept. of Corrections - $32,000.00
California Highway Patrol - $20,000.00
Calexico Police Department - $500.00
Carlsbad Police - $25,000.00
Chula Vista Police - $27,500.00
Department of Homeland Security - $5,000.00
Department of Justice - $5,000.00
San Diego District Attorney Investigators - $38,842.50
El Cajon Police Department - $12,000.00
El Centro Police Department - $10,000.00
Escondido Police Department - $10,000.00
Federal Bureau of Investigation - $5,000.00
Federal Police/Other Agency - $5,000.00
Immigration & Customs Enforcement - $15,000.00
Imperial County Probation Department - $5,000.00
Imperial County Sheriff Department - $5,000.00
Oceanside Police Department - $1,000.00
San Diego Public Assistance Investigators - $10,000.00
San Diego Police Department - $122,400.00
San Diego Probation Department - $25,000.00
San Diego Sheriff's Department - $86,000.00
San Diego State Police Department - $5,000.00
San Diego Law Enforcement Memorial - $5,000.00
U.S. Border Patrol - $74,000.00
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration - $10,000.00
U.S. Marshal Service - $15,000.00
University of California San Diego Police - $5,000.00



If anyone is aware of any law enforcement officer in need of financial assistance due to a traumatic event, please contact sandiegofof@gmail.com

Stan Schwarz - FOF Chairman

SDDAIA Member Stan Schwarz was appointed Vice Chairman of FOF in September of 2019 and Chairman in December of 2021.  Stan began his career with the Chula Vista Police Department in 2004. He was then hired by the San Diego District Attorney’s Office in October of 2015.   As Chairman of the FOF, Stan reports directly to the SDDAIA President and Executive Board. He coordinates all FOF events, oversees monthly FOF meetings and evaluates all requests for assistance from Law Enforcement agencies.  Stan works hand in hand with the entire FOF Board of Directors who operate FOF’s annual events and fundraising efforts.

FOF Vice Chairman – Josh Pittsley

SDDAIA Member Josh Pittsley was appointed to Treasurer in 2019 and Vice Chairman in December 2021.  Josh began his career with the San Diego Police Department in 2005 and lateraled to El Cajon Police Department where he worked for 12 years until being hired by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations.  Josh was initially assigned to the DUI Homicide unit in the Superior Court Division, but has worked in the Major Violator Team for the past year.

FOF Treasurer – Paul Choi

SDDAIA Member Paul Choi was appointed to the FOF Board in October of 2020 and Treasurer in December of 2021.  Paul’s career in law enforcement began in 2004 with the San Diego Police Department and continued in 2015 when he was hired with the San Diego District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigations.  Paul was assigned to the economic crimes divisions where he primarily investigated fraud and cyber related crimes. Currently Paul is a Supervising DA Investigator at the North County DA Office branch.

FOF Board of Directors:

Sal Campos, Delsey Belisle, Rene Palermo, Samantha Spears, Emalee Bowles, and Glenn Gossett, are all members of the FOF Board and are current or retired employees of the San Diego DA's office. We also have additional committee volunteers.


FOF was awarded the “Pillars of Freedom” grant from the USS Midway Foundation for five consecutive years.  The USS Midway Foundation focuses on supporting military and law enforcement charitable organizations within our Community.  FOF is fortunate to receive this grant as it will be used to help continue to assist active-duty state, local and federal law enforcement officers and or their immediate family members in their time of need.  Thank you to past FOF Chairman Jeff Miller for developing the relationship we have today with the USS Midway Foundation’s Board of Directors.

USS Midway Foundation

FOF Breakfast

The San Diego County District Attorney Investigators Association would like to thank the Chefs De Cuisine Association for another great breakfast to support our Fallen Officers Fund. The event was fantastic, the crew of volunteers prepared breakfast for the largest crowd on record helping raise funds to support our fallen officers and officers in sever time of need. The photos below are of former FOF Chair Jeff Miller and a past FOF Chair Larry Davis, the Chefs de Cuisine logo, and a photo of the 13th floor conference room that was converted for the morning into the FOF breakfast hall.

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Chers De Cusine

FOF Poker Night

Our newest fundraiser is FOF’s Annual Poker Night Tournament, which started in 2017. Food, beverages, and prizes are donated by local businesses. There is also a raffle, auction, and cash prizes for the top winners. Our poker player tables are a mix of law enforcement officers from multiple local agencies as well as members of the community who want to support FOF. We have a perpetual award plaque that has the tournament winner’s names engraved on a plate each year. The poker skill levels vary greatly but everyone always has fun and the money donated to FOF is greatly appreciated.

FOF Annual Golf Tournament

SDDAIA and FOF would like to thank everyone who has played, volunteered, and donated to FOF’s Annual Golf Tournamentt held at the Rancho Bernardo Inn Resort and Spa. FOF would like to commend everyone involved in putting this event together as it takes months of planning and coordination. Without the dedication of the entire FOF Team, this event would not be a success year after year. This is FOF’s largest fundraising event and is widely known as one of the best yearly golf tournaments in San Diego County. FOF would also like to thank RBI for their hospitality. Here are some photos from the event:

a table that has a bunch of items on ita group of men in uniform holding american flags

The Fallen Officers Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all contributions and donations are tax deductible. Federal tax ID #300216827. California State Charity #CT0261441. California FTB #8137312