The San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association (SDDAIA) serves its members by working toward improving working conditions, benefits, and wages for those that risk their lives to keep our community safe. To this end, the SDDAIA will participate in the elective process in a proactive manner through political endorsements and will support political candidates and issues that align with our membership’s philosophy.

The SDDAIA will consider making endorsements in Federal Elections, to include Senate and Congressional Positions; Statewide to include Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Justices of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Treasurer, State Assembly and State Senators; Local/Regional to include Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, Sheriff, District Attorney, County Board of Supervisors, County Treasurer, Judicial Positions; and Ballot measures, initiatives, propositions, referendums and recall measures that effect our membership.

The SDDAIA Executive Board is responsible for making recommendations for endorsements and positions on state ballot measures, initiatives, referendums and recall measures. The screening and interview process may include a written statement from the candidate, responding to a questionnaire provided to the candidate and a face-to-face interview. Additionally, the Executive Board will seek input from SDDAIA membership and consultants, as needed, to insure the candidate’s interests and history are in-line with that of the SDDAIA and the law enforcement community at-large.

Any candidate interested in discussing an endorsement feel free to contact the SDDAIA President Bryan Zmijewski at president@sandiegodainvestigators.com

Thank You