I am proud to have been selected to lead your association. For nearly ten years here at the office I have worked with some of the best law enforcement professionals in the business. We are unique in that we bring in investigators from all over the county who have expertise, experience, and unmatched leadership. Know that not only does your work matter, but more importantly your well-being matters.

As we move forward together know that I place our association first as the board and I represent your best interest. We will accomplish this by working closely with you and encouraging your participation in the association. We are only as good as the collective body we serve. Your voice matters…

Society is a fickle beast, especially when it come to a relationship with law enforcement. I believe the pendulum is slowly beginning to swing back in our favor. Through diligent efforts and collaboration with not only law enforcement union partners, but community and political leaders, we will keep our association at the forefront of positive change, trust, and leadership within the county.

I look forward to serving you,

Dan Harward

Dan Harward - President