The San Diego County District Attorney Investigators Association is proud to yet again support Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October through The Pink Patch Project! We have provided pink patches for all our members to proudly wear during the month of October and also selling them directly to our community!

Our pink patches are now available for sale: $10 each.

Mail-in orders only at this time- must provide a check for $10 per patch made out to San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association
Suite A-393
San Diego, Ca 92101

We do not take walk-in requests or donations.

Pink Police Patch


It is estimated that approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. The disease can have a profound impact on the patient and her loved ones. It is a disease however that can be effectively treated with surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

At the Pink Patch Project, we have the simple goal of increasing awareness about the life-saving benefits of early detection and intervention in the fight against breast cancer. In addition to our public education efforts, we have the added goal of raising funds from the sale of Pink Patches to go directly to fund the research, treatment and education needed to help find a cure.

To learn more about breast cancer, breast cancer symptoms, breast cancer risk factors and diagnosis, breast cancer research and breast cancer in men, go to


The Pink Patch Project is a collaborative effort between several public safety agencies. These agencies have partnered together to combat breast cancer by raising public awareness and to raise funds for breast cancer research and treatment.

The program centers on vibrant pink versions of the public safety officer's uniform patch. These bright pink patches have been specially designed by each participating agency specifically for the Pink Patch Project campaign. Officers will wear these pink patches on their regular uniforms for the entire month of October each year during “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

The pink patches are intended to stimulate conversation with the community and to encourage public awareness about the importance of early detection and the on-going fight against this disease.